From Waste to Energy: A New Era

Connect with ESI Scholer as We Turn Waste Into New Energy: Clean, Renewable, and Powerful!

Waste is a growing concern. But ESI Scholer sees it as an oppotunity for change

We’re leaders in green innovation. We’re turning waste into Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF), a high-calorific value fuel that is not only stable but a highly efficient alternative energy source. It’s a solid choice for renewable energy.

cleaner energy for future

Our approach combines renewable energy production with a circular economy model.

We don’t just handle waste; we give it a new purpose: to power tomorrow.

Producing A High Grade RDF Up To 50% Lower Cost than Coal

RDF Waste to Energy

Why Choose ESI Scholer’s Waste to Energy Solutions?

Green Impact
  • Turning waste into RDF considerably cuts down on landfill waste. It saves land space and lessens pollution.
  • Our method chops down methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) emission from landfill waste. It’s our way of battling climate change
  • Our process turns waste to energy and cuts reliance on fossil fuel and ensure energy security
Economic Gains
  • RDF made from waste has a high energy content. It gives a better burn than most regular fuels, enhancing total energy output.
  • We re-use waste for energy. Making the Circular Economy Possible.
  • Steady Fuel Supply: RDF is not like some renewable energy sources that can be inconsistent. It’s a constant energy source, promising reliability for power production
Social Plus Points
  • Creating and running waste-to-energy facilities creates new local jobs. It opens both short-term and long-term work opportunities.
  • Boosting Health and Safety: Turning waste into RDF lowers disease and pest risk, benefiting everyone’s health.
  • Firms that process waste to energy show serious care for the environment. This boosts their reputation and responsibility profile.
Alternative energy

ESI Scholer are pushing for a green future, a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

When you choose ESI Scholer’s Waste to Energy solutions, we become partners to help tackle urgent environmental issues

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