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Incinerator Design Features

Pyrolysis, Controlled Air Operation

Reduces particulate carry over into the Secondary Chamber = Low Emissions
Lower Primary Chamber Operating Temperatures = Reduces wear & tear to Refractory lining & Increases Operator Safety

Pyrolytic controlled air provides operation in both “Starved” and “Excess” air modes in the Primary Chamber during different stages of the burning cycle and supplies excess air into the secondary chamber to aid complete combustion of carbon rich waste gases.

Controlled Operation Logic (COL) System aided through the Allen Bradley PLC, provides excellent operational control that allows ESI Scholer utilising high operational and environmental performance to its operating system.

Easy loading and ash removal

ESI Scholer designed incinerators have large loading doors for easy manual loading and ash removal, with each model being individually designed.

ESI Scholer Incinerator Designs are ideal for

  • Industrial applications/Mine Sites/Commercial & Government agencies
  • Biomedical waste
  • Plastics, Synthetics, Rubber Tyres
  • Packaging Materials and Commercial waste
  • Foodstuffs
  • Liquids
  • Hydrocarbons (waste Oils, Sludges & Oil Filters)

Manufactured to your requirements

ESI Scholer Incinerators are designed and manufactured by Australian engineers to Australian standards.

Each incinerator is designed and constructed for specific customer requirements

ESI Scholer provide incineration systems that satisfy client demands, providing sound performance and reliability and meeting relevant environmental standards.


Pyrolytic, Controlled Air Operation, Multi Chamber Design

Burn Capacity

15 – 850 kg/Hr 

Fuel Type

Diesel or