Incineration & Energy Solutions
Australia’s largest Incinerator supplier.

Containerised & Stand-Alone applications

The GZ model incinerators are suitable for many applications

  • Containerized or Stand-alone Supply = $$$ Savings
  • Four models (5m3 to 16m3 PCC capacity)
  • Designed for the destruction of Cyanide bags & boxes.  
  • Unique “fork trolley loader” mounted on rails.
  • Front loading (manual & electric) and ash removal with Ash Scraper attachment to Fork Trolley allows safe removal of fine ash when burn is complete and IBC’s are removed.
  • Utilization of IBC’s, large Boxes, and special design containers to best suit any special waste stream.
  • Incineration of Waste Oil reduces burners fuel use. 
  • Special designs for the destruction of Tires (large & small), Waste Hydrocarbons (solid & liquid), assorted/mixed wastes (wet & dry)

Like all ESI Scholer incinerators, specifications for the GZ series can be modified and customised to suit client needs