About Us

Incineration & Waste To Energy Solutions
Australia’s largest Incinerator supplier.


Our Vision

To establish ourselves as the leading provider of progressive Energy Solutions in the World. We aim to contribute to a cleaner environment while ensuring that our solutions are financially viable and within reach.

Our Mission

To produce high efficiency incinerator systems and provide other energy solutions for waste management.

Our Capabilities

Our extensive investment and research efforts over the years have resulted in the development of a cutting-edge selection of multi waste incinerators and waste to energy solutions. Through our innovative technology, we have the capability to transform waste into inert ashes and purified gases, which can be converted into high-energy fuel products. These products serve as a viable alternative fuel source.

Our anticipation grows as we prepare to collaborate with our current clientele and the larger ‘waste to energy’ industry, offering effective remedies for incineration and waste control.


ESI Scholer are Manufacturers/Suppliers of Incinerators and Waste Energy Solutions including RDF plants, processing waste into high energy fuel.

We have recently re-branded our incinerators ESI Scholer following the partnering in early 2019 between Scholer Industries Pty. Ltd. (Scholer) and Engineering Solutions International Co. Ltd. (ESI).

This has resulted in a company structure that is stronger and growing rapidly to meet the increased demand for our range of waste incinerators and environmentally sustainable energy products such as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) plants.

Scholer has been a prominent manufacturer and supplier of incinerators in Australia and internationally since 1927 and ESI’s Australian born engineer and Managing Director has been closely involved in incineration design and operating systems for over 40 years.

Together, the founders of ESI and Scholer have over 80 years involvement in designing, manufacturing, supplying and maintaining incinerator systems in Australia and overseas.

an educated, environmental approach to waste

The changing times have seen changes to the waste streams, particularly the many types of plastics manufactured and used in many applications. We now see plastics as one of the world’s biggest waste issues.

ESI Scholer understand the chemistry of waste make up and can process plastics to either destroy through incineration or produce fuel and energy, for client’s process plants requiring fuel.

Our belief and diligence to R&D over the decades has brought us success, largely due to understanding the science behind incineration and waste and its potential for recycling and reuse. This has resulted in producing environmentally acceptable incineration plants at a reasonable cost, that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

We are now seeing renewed interest in incineration in Australia and overseas.

where we are today

Growth in ESI Scholer waste energy solutions being experienced is due to:

Increased Team

Increased team of professionals to manage the quality assurance and quality control (QA & QC) level of business operation to ISO standards.

Increased Demand

Increased demand for waste incinerators in Australia and overseas, compliant to environmental and industry performance standards.

What we offer


product range of small to large model incinerators from 15kg/hr to over 850kg/hr burning rate.


research and development (R&D) into existing waste technology for further development.


more operational features, for waste loading and the ash removal process.


provide incinerators project specific, to suit clients waste stream requirement.


esi scholer technology is reliable, efficient, economical to run, maintain and simple to operate with a press of a button.


incinerator range ideal for urban and remote locations, destroy varied waste streams and supplied for inside a building or fully containerised for operation.


rental, lease & purchase arrangement options available.


containerisation advantages include:

  1. reduces on-site installation, commissioning & delivery time.
  2. reduces handling & labour.
  3. weather protection to operators & incinerator equipment.
  4. quicker start–up time and overall significant cost savings.

esi scholer offer:

  1. waste assessment / evaluation (off-site & on-site)
  2. supply ex works/port/site, install/commission/train operators, maintain.
  3. after sales service, maintenance, operator re-training.
  4. epcm projects (engineering, procurement, construction & maintenance)
  5. virtual commissioning can also be carried out when required by client (due to difficulties faced in getting people to the site location.)

ESI Scholer: Design, Manufacture, Supply and Commission,

Custom designed incinerators to meet your requirements

Small units from 15kg/hr to over 850kg/hr burning rate. These units can be freestanding or housed in modified customer owned shipping containers, virtually ready for immediate use.

Larger units capable of destroying over 1,000kg/hr are sent to site in shipping containers for on-site assembly.

ESI Scholer can fulfil a wide variety of customer requirements including Turn-Key projects and supply 2 and 3 stage systems which operate by manual or fully automatic loading and ash removal.

ESI Scholer can discuss with you with some authority on waste minimisation and do their best to ensure that your needs are met.

Scholer Industries Pty. Ltd with ESI Scholer
WORKING for a Cleaner Planet.
Together WE CAN Make It.