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Larger Incinerators

The range of larger units consist of large primary chambers and secondary chambers. Specifically designed to cater for all waste applications.


Pyrolytic, Controlled Air Operation, Multi-Chamber, Batch, Semi and Continuous Feed and Auto Ash removal.
We Design and can Scale-Up to Client Requirements.

Burn Capacity

1000 kg/hr+

Fuel Type

Diesel or

Top Loading of waste into the Primary combustion chamber

By Front End Loader

Hopper Bin Loading

Top Loading by Apron Feeder

These units are designed with a large primary burning chamber where bulk waste can be either fed through the large front door or through the hydraulically opening top door. Through the top door, waste can be conveniently fed, either by Front End Loader or by other automated methods. Bulky waste is easily handled, and little time needs to be spent loading the large primary chamber and setting the burn cycle into motion.

Alternatively, the unit’s loading system can be re-arranged to suit the customer’s requirement as to whether a semi-continuous feed and/or auto de-ashing is the best method for waste handling.

Depending on your incineration needs a third stage air pollution control/quenching system may be required. This auxiliary equipment can be purchased and organised with ESI Scholer.

Our large incinerators can be customised to your requirements

Like all ESI Scholer designed incinerators, specifications can be modified and customised to suit your on-site application and requirements