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Reduce your waste problems to ashes

whilst reducing your environmental impact


Reduce Solid Waste to An Inert Ash


From collection locations, waste products can be placed into IBC’s, Boxes of other containers for forklift loading onto the Fork Trolley (FT) loader


FT Loader can be supplied to suit the incinerator size, such as for a single 1m3 Box to 4 x 1m3 Boxes or IBC’s. We can design different rail mounted loaders to suit various waste streams


FT loaders can be supplied for Manual or electric Motorized operation


FT loaders are supplied with a De-ashing plate to remove the ash from floor of pit ash


Automatic Ash Removal System: An Ash Drag chain conveyor is also an option available


Proven, robustly engineered construction and minimal maintenance


Video 1 shows the FT loader with the motorized forward, reverse operation, and a below ground De-ashing system, Video 2 shows factory testing of a Containerised 4 box manual FT loader on its rail track, and the 3rd video showing a 3 Box loader, manually operated

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ESI Scholer has a comprehensive understanding of waste composition and its chemical properties. As a result, we have the capability to handle plastics in a way that involves either their complete destruction via incineration or the generation of fuel and energy. This is particularly useful for clients who operate process plants that rely on fuel as a resource.

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Disposing of Waste to Land-fill Sites can be a Real Headache

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Apart from the land-fill site contamination issues, there are the environmental, health and safety aspects of collecting and transporting the waste to the land-fill site.

Sending waste to land-fill sites can incur significant expenses, which can vary depending on the geographical location of your site and the chosen land-fill site.

Keeping up with ever-changing government regulations can also divert precious staff time from other important site activities. However, you want to deal with your waste problem in a manner consistent with the goal of ensuring sound environmental stewardship without exhausting your finanncial resources.

What do you do?

Burn Your Waste Efficiently!

Incinerators are capable of destroying a whole range of waste streams, including biomedical, commercial and industrial wastes (eg: foodstuffs, hydrocarbons, plastics, synthetics, contaminated gases, and liquid waste.)

ESI Scholer Incineration Systems

Incineration with double chamber

Reduce Solid Waste to An Inert Ash


Sterilize Inorganic Materials


Cleanse Waste Gases With Our Incinerator Air Pollution Systems


Optimise High Performance Compliance Using Our Process Controllers

The ESI Scholer incinerator system stands out as one of the top-performing and environmentally-friendly solutions globally, thanks to its innovative multi-chamber design and advanced control operating logic (COL) technology. It is renowned for its exceptional efficiency and adherence to environmental regulations.

Incineration for waste disposal offers a compelling case for its adoption as a superior and alternative solution to landfill, citing significant benefits in terms of the environment, health, safety, and economics.

Each individual incinerator is meticulously refined and tailored to meet the specific waste specifications and operational needs of our clients.


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